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Yaahub is the name of the historic and ancient as the company's of the Elite. I've registered on September 2017 with the original idea of implementing a secure and free payment gateway and electronic currency. On April 2018, we founded this Group on our current domain, as the sole representative and exchange of major e-currency systems only dealing with crypto-crypto only.

I registered as a legal corporation on September 2017 in Delaware,USA, and started expanding our automatic exchange system and accepting newly introduced cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as one of the very first Bitcoin service provider.We started renewing YAAHUB by gathering a new team of experts.

Our team now consists of 12 of the best software developers, financial experts, security professionals, network managers, and support staff.

We also got new investors from all around the world and we are looking for new Investors to be shareholders You're welcome to join us too. Contact us in

YAAHUB Exchange is now and one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Our mission is to provide the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and most secure exchange services to our valuable customers.

Note: We had to remove our address and phone number because of some unnecessary abusing due to competition.

Please contact our Customer Support to ask your questions. We can help you much faster and easier that way. If needed, our support staff would give you our address and phone number.

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